Free No-Obligation Foundation Consultation: If You’re Concerned Your Home’s Foundation Is Unsafe, Accept Our Free Consultation Offer And Have An Expert Evaluate The Situation


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Get your free, no-obligation foundation evaluation by calling (832) 924-2670.

Have you noticed cracks in your home’s foundation? What about cracks in the drywall and interior of your home? Are doors in your house misaligned or sticking?

These issues MAY indicate a problem with your home’s foundation… but not necessarily. Before you panic and lose sleep over potential problems with your home, you should get an expert opinion.

Your first course of action should be to determine:

  • If foundation repairs really necessary (the good news is many times they’re not).
  • Whether the foundation issues are compromising your home’s (and your family’s) safety.

Our Free, No-Obligation Foundation consultations are designed to help you do just that. One of our experts will come out with the following goals:

  • Determine if there’s a foundation issue and, if so, how serious it is
  • If there is movement in your home’s foundation, figure out where it’s happening and why
  • If repairs are necessary, suggest the solution that’s best for your unique situation
  • Give you an estimate of the costs involved to fix your home’s foundation and the work we’ll do to fix it

Why should you choose us?

Pretty much all the foundation repair companies in Houston you may encounter will talk about their experience, satisfied customers, strong guarantees, etc. It’s hard for you, as a consumer, to see how any of the companies that offer this service are different just from words on a website or in a video.

Before you trust someone to potentially repair your most valuable asset, you need to meet them in person.

So here’s what we suggest…

Have at least 3 experts come out to your home to evaluate the situation. You may get very different recommendations and prices, if repairs are necessary. All we ask is that you call us and give us a chance to earn your trust and, if repairs are necessary, your business.

To schedule your free, no-obligation consultation with Foundation Repair Houston and have an expert see if your home’s foundation is in need of repair, please give us a call at 832-924-2670 or contact us through our online form and claim your FREE consultation today.

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